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AI based cardio explorer test saves lives

Doctors report several cases where Cardioexplorer saves lives. For these patients the conventional assessment (including risk scores, blood analyzes, stress ECG, etc.) showed no evidence of coronary heart disease.

For one of the patients the Cardioexplorer test indicated a risk of >93% for an actual stenosis. The following coronary arteriography showed a severe stenosis. He received a stent and is well now.

Another patient with negative result of conventional assessment, but identified by the Cardioexplorer test as at very high risk,  the coronary arteriography showed several stenosis. The patient got 7 stents. He went home well from the hospital.

For a further patient with no evidence after conventional assessment the Cardioexplorer result indicated very high risk. After coronary arteriography a severe coronary artery disease (multi vessel disease) was detected. The hospital kept him for bypass-surgery.

Additional to the more than 2000 patients in three clinical studies, the above mentioned cases show, that with the Cardioexplorer test, patients which would be missed with conventional procedures, can be identified and referred to the clinic timely.

Cardio Explorer is a non-invasive Artificial Intelligence based eDiagnostic test that timely detects patients with stenosis from coronary artery disease. Cardioexplorer has been developed together with Prof. Zellweger, University hospital Basel and validated in three clinical studies at the University hospital Basel, Switzerland, in the German LURIC study and at the University hospital in Maastricht, Netherlands. Standard diagnostic routines like the stress ECG have a lower accuracy than the Cardioexplorer test.



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Cardioexplorer Deutsch
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