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Identifying the most effective, individually tailored therapy is a long sought goal in breast cancer treatment. 

Reliable prediction of the course of breast cancer and survival is the key for individual therapy.

Most patients receive more therapies than absolutely necessary. For some of these patients a surgery only could be sufficient, others might need further treatment, like chemotherapy, and others additional hormone therapy or radiation or even more.

Together with Prof. Michel Aguet, we have analyzed gene expression profiles with our Artificial Intelligence based software suite. This leads to improved prediction of the survival as a basis for a personalized and more effective therapy.

Our prototype BreastCancer Explorer has produced better results than the approach used and tested in the Van de Vijver, 2002 study (product Symphony of the US company Agendia).

Comparing Exploris (left) and Van de Vijver results on the base of Kaplan-Meier curves (overall survival / years). Improved separation of the two curves leads to more reliable prognosis.