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Cardioexplorer reimbursed by Helsana

AI based Cardioexplorer is now being reimbursed in Switzerland by HELSANA through the supplementary insurance product PRIMEO. 

Cardioexplorer detects life threatening narrowing in heart arteries and helps to avoid heart attacks.

Cardioexplorer on 

Swiss TV

SF ECO 3.6.2019

The first AI backed heart test based on standard medical lab helps avoiding heart infarction



Exploris at the WEF in Dalian

Exploris presented Cardioexplorer with the Swiss Venture Leaders China on tour in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dalian, Beijing (14.6.-3.7.2019)

Cardioexplorer is the first, accurate AI based heart test which detects near heart attacks. The simple to use test has been validated in three clinical studies in more than 2000 patients and is as accurate as a CT or MRI. 

Cardioexplorer is the first primary triage test which detects relevant narrowing in heart arteries, the cause of heart attacks. Clinical studies showed that it helps doctors to improve diagnostics and to detect seven time more patients at high risk than the common procedure in primary diagnostics.

Microsoft Switzerland and Exploris

are partnering in providing the AI based Cardioexplorer test in different countries.

Marianne Janik, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, is delighted about the partnership: "The eDiagnostic services of Exploris will transform the existing processes in todays medical care for the benefit of patients..." 




Exploris is part of Swiss National startup team

Venture Leaders China team 2019 will meet investors and business contacts in June in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dalian and Beijing. 

Thanks to Venturelab and swissnex China for the amazing opportunity! 

The Venture Leaders China: Beekeeper, Exploris AG, Flybotix, holo|one, IDUN Technologies AG, Lymphatica Medtech, Piavita, Tomplay, Touchless Automation. Daniel Sztutwojner, Peter Ruff, Samir Bouabdallah, Dominik Trost, Simon Bachmann, Marco Pisano, Dorina Thiess, Alexis Steinmann, Maurizio Migliore #VleadersChina 

Completion of the Swiss healthcare Startup Tour at the Swiss Embassy in Berlin


5 days in 5cities in Germany

Dr. Michael Failer from Exploris participated at the healthcare startup tour in Germany meeting stakeholders of the German health system. 

Pascal Fraenkler Nadja Kolb Thomas Krech Michael F. walkerproject ag Swiss Business Hub Germany OnlineDoctor Medisanté eedoctors AG Utku Gülan Sleepiz AG Exploris AG Leitwert GmbH Andrea Vincenzo Braga MD, MBA Fabian Bischof Philipp S. F. Wustrow Hi-D Imaging Dr. Gottfried Ludewig

Cardioexplorer wins Swiss Biolabs Award 2018

Heart disease is the leading cause of death. So far there was no simple test for detection of life-threatening constrictions of the heart arteries. Cardioexplorer is a simple and non-invasive Artificial Intelligence based lab test which provides a safe risk assessment of current coronary heart disease. The test provides higher sensitivity / specificity than the stress ECG. 

Out of seven finalists, Exploris has won the Swiss Biolabs Challenge 2018.The jury consisted of Universities (University Hospital Basel, School of Life sciences Biotechnet Switzerland), industry partners (Sensile Medical, Roche Diagnostics, Omya International AG, Ava Science, Bühlmann Laboratories) and  Associations (Swiss Biolabs Association, Economic Development Agency Olten, Basel Area).




Cardioexplorer wins 2. Prize 

Cardioexplorer is the first evidence based AI driven Cardiotest which detects narrowing in heart arteries (cause of heart infarction) with higher accuracy than many standard procedures. The test has been validated in three clinical studies in more than 2000 patients.


IFAS exhibition team: Peter Ruff, Kimberly Graf, Dr. Michael Failer


Start Summit St. Gallen 2019

Keynote: AI based diagnostics - are the doctors ready? 

Followed by Cardioexplorer presentation.

Peter Ruff 

Cardioexplorer at the Trend Tage Gesundheit Lucerne 2019

Startup Expo

Kimberly Graf and Michael Failer



Panel at Chamber of commerce Finnland - Switzerland 2019 

Carmen Frankhauser, Peter Ruff and Tommy Mäkynen discussing entrepreneurship in Switzerland. Finnlands health system is ahead concerning digitalization. Interesting for health-care startups with innovative solutions.